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Mike's Story
I started foster care to show children all the great things in life, like fishing, camping, eating at the table as a family, playing ball on the front yard and many other things that they may not be exposed to at their home. My most memorable child was a baby girl – I loved everything about her, the cutest smile, laugh, the way she walked, talked and her favorite things were piggy back rides on my back. I cried the day she left and hoped she remembered all the things I taught her, she went to a good family and was with her brothers and sisters (which made me happy). I continue caring for these children because I know they need someone to care for them while their parents get the help they need. I imagine how I would want my daughter to be cared for, if I was not there and that’s the care I give.

Stephanie's Story
I became a foster parent to make a difference in the lives of the children in our community and the families who raised them. I felt blessed to have a mom and dad who raised me in a loving home and instilled a belief system of honesty, compassion and the ability to give back. A child’s frown and tears that turns to smile’s and laughter, a parent’s hesitation and resistance that turns into an open heart and open arms is what will keep me fostering for a lifetime. I feel by having a relationship with the birth families you can learn about the child and when the children return home you can still b a part of their lives.

Dayna's Story
I have been a foster parent for about 13 yrs. My heart is guided to help children that come into my home as wounded cocoons and with much love and care they blossom into strong butterflies. I had a little infant that was very special needs including a brain tumor and he wore a helmet to help his skull restructure. Each morning when he woke, I held his cheek close to mine and hummed to him, eventually he began to do it back to me. The little boy returned home and after about six months I saw him with his father in the store, when I reached to hold him he put his face to mine and hummed softly. With every physical and mental disability – he remembered my love for him; this child was my beautiful butterfly.

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